Chat Commands

The following commands can be entered in chat while I’m streaming. Some are informational, some are fun – give them a try!

!about – When available, gives information about the game being played. Usually used for lesser-known games. I will try to put this is the stream title when available.
!age – Displays the Twitch age restrictions for using the service
!backlog – Provides a link to the Backlog page on the website
!beans – Shows the current good versus bad count for the Beanboozled channel points rewards. Only available to moderators.
!blind – Displays what is expected of viewers when [BLIND] is in the stream title or onscreen
!chucknorris – Displays Chuck Norris funny statements
!commands – Whispers the commands the viewer is allowed to use
!convo – Randomly pick a conversation topic for chat. Only available to moderators.
!covid – Basic information on what types of comments are appropriate during the pandemic.
!created – Displays when the viewer’s account was created
!cubes – Displays how many ice cubes (the channel currency) the viewer has
!currency – Displays information about the channel currency, ice cubes
!donatecubes – Displays information on how a viewer can give channel currency to another viewer
!emotes – Displays the custom BTTV emotes available in chat
!extralife – Provides a link to my Extra Life page for donations
!followage – Displays how long the viewer has been following me
!friendcode – Displays Iceman’s friend code on the Nintendo platform
!gamerscore – Displays the Xbox gamerscore for the designated user
!games – Displays the chat games available and the cost in ice cubes
!giveaways – Displays information on who is eligible and rules for giveaways
!hints – Displays what is expected from viewers in regards to hints and tips
!hl – Records something interesting (highlight) that happened during the stream
!hug – Has Toby the Polar Bear give someone in chat a hug
!hours – Displays how many hours the viewer has been in the channel
!hype – Puts the Toby “iceHype” emote in chat for good things; subs, bits, raids, etc.
!icefacts – Displays a random fact about ice
!inclusion – Displays the expected behavior for Igloo members regarding inclusion of everyone
!jenga – Plays a turn of Jenga for the viewer issuing the command
!join – Information about joining in with Iceman for co-op when available
!lastvod – Provides a link to my last stream video
!links – Provides the link to my StreamerLinks page, which has all my social media and gaming profile links
!lurk – Lets chat know the viewer will be stepping away (use !unlurk when back)
!merch – Provides a link to the channel’s merchandise store
!milestones – Provides a link to the Milestones page on the website
!mium – Basic information about Mix-It-Up Mondays
!now – Displays which game is currently being played
!onair – Provides a link to my streamer go-live bot, OnAir
!played – Provides a link to the Played Games page on the website
!playthroughs – Provides a link to the playthrough playlists on my YouTube channel
!prime – Information about connecting your Twitch account with your Amazon account for free subscriptions
!quotes – Displays information on how to add game, streamer or viewer quotes
!raid – Display the text to copy and paste into the raided streamer’s channel for non-subscribers
!raiders – Stream Raiders
!rules – The basic rules viewers will be asked (required?) to follow while in chat
!screen – Reminds Iceman to switch back to the main gameplay screen when he forgets (which is often)
!sfx – Provides a link to the Sound Effects page on the website
!so – Provides a link to the profile of the specified streamer
!solo – Displays what is expected of viewers when [SOLO] is in the stream title or onscreen
!stats – Stats about the current stream; game, title, uptime, etc.

!subhype – Shortcut to the DJ horn when a new subscription alert fires
!time – Displays the current time where Iceman is
!tophours – Displays the viewers (may include bots) with the most hours in the channel
!topten – Provides a link to the Top Tens page on the website (includes bots)
!tos – Provides a link to Twitch’s Terms of Service
!twitch – Provides a link to check the status of the Twitch service
!unlurk – Lets chat know the user is back from a lurk (use !lurk to step away)
!uptime – Displays how long the stream has been live