OnAir is a Discord bot that only does one thing – announce when configured streamers go live.  Streamers on Twitch are currently supported.


OnAir allows Discord server owners to do the following:

  • Add streamers and assign any text channel in the server to receive the notifications. Notifications are not required to all go to the same channel.
  • Remove streamers
  • List streamers
  • Automatically remove notifications when streamers go offline

OnAir will also give the server owner the ability to get a preview of what the notification will look like once a streamer is successfully added.


Some example commands for managing streamers (with the example #testing channel already defined as a channel in the server):

!on info

Returns basic information about OnAir itself:


!on help

Sends a Direct Message to the requester with the available commands and the formats for each:


!on twitch add theicemancometh360 #testing

This command will add theicemancometh360 to the server, with notifications being sent to the #testing channel.  Streamers can be configured to have their notifications go to any channel on a server.  If successful, a preview of the notification for the streamer will be returned along with a confirmation message:


!on twitch delete theicemancometh360

This command will delete theicemancometh360 from the server.  A confirmation message is given if successful.

!on twitch list

This command will list all of the Twitch streamers defined for the server, along with the channel notifications will be delivered to.


If you would like to add OnAir to your Discord server, click here. The bot requires the following permissions:

  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Embed Links